About Foster

foster oren haney

I woke up on the top of a mountain this morning looking down on the clouds without a soul in sight. It provided just enough fresh air for me to reflect on everywhere I have been. Just this last year alone took me from Portland to the jungles of Hawaii, to Napa Valley, the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon and most recently, Los Angeles. That’s pretty much how things go for me living life on the road.

I spend my time living my life, creating music and traveling any road that will have me. I play music alone, with touring bands, my friends and family, or with complete strangers. For me, this connection is what music brings to my life.

It was my father’s guitar, and I had finally reached an all time high in boredom that summer. I found it in the corner of a room with a little dust on it. i picked it up and was hooked. From that moment to this day, my guitars tend to find me in the corner covered in dust. That introduction may not be as glorious or biblical as seeing some famous musician perform when I was young and knowing from that point on that I wanted what they had. I wanted something a little different. it came at me one piece at a time, and it still does.


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